President's Block

Each year the guild members make a quilt block to give to that year's guild president. The president then takes those blocks to make into a quilt for herself. 

Click here for this year's president's block instructions.

Comfort Quilts (Semi-Optional)

These are quilts that are made and donated to the Sioux County Attorney's Victims Unit, Bethany Christian Services, The Bridges, Family Crisis Center, and other charities, as the needs arise. We have batting available and guild members will provide the tops, backings, and bindings. There are members that are willing to team up with you in regard to providing backing - just ask. We have evenings scheduled where we will tie the quilts. We do ask that each member tried to make one charity quilt a year. We know that it is not always possible and there are other ways to help with this project. The finished quilts are shown at the show and given to the various charities at our June meeting.

Challenge Quilt (Optional)

Every year a committee will come up with a "challenge" for us to participate in. It may be to use a certain fabric in a quilt or to be using a "paint chip" of color for a quilt or anything that the committee can dream up! The challenge is usually handed out on or before the October meetings. These are usually fun activities to participate in, but it is optional. These quilts are to be finished and will be voted on at the quilt show in May.

Click here to see this year and previous years' challenges.

Mystery Quilt (Optional)

A committee will come up with a quilt project for us to make. They will give clues at every meeting or at every other meeting, depending on the mystery. The first clue is usually the fabric much we and what we need...and sometimes it may include the cutting instructions. Because of the nature of this quilt, this quilt can hang in the quilt show un-quilted (just as a quilt top).

Click here to see this year and previous years' mysteries.

Fall and Winter Workshops (Optional)

We try to plan two workshops a year - one in the Fall and the other in February. The projects made at these events do not have to be finished for the quilt show and just the top may be hung.

Girls Night In (Optional)

One Friday late afternoon-evening a month, we get together and sew on our own projects. Our member, Barb T., sets theses up with the Covenant Church in Sioux Center and will notify the guild by email and at the meetings if possible. Usually we start around 3:00PM and sew until 9:00PM. We break for supper around 5:15PM, or earlier, depending on what events are going on in Sioux Center that day. We usually patronize "Los Tulippanes" for supper.

Canton Retreat (Optional, Limited to 15 Overnight Guests)

This is part of the Girl's Night In activity. A few years ago, the Girl's Night In gals decided to do an overnight retreat for something different. We loved it and just had our 5th retreat in August. We try to hold retreats on Friday and Saturday in the months of August and March. We work on our own projects and may include a Sioux Falls/Dell Rapids shopping spree and eat out.

Click here for Canton Retreat Center's website.

Lincoln Trip (Optional)

Once a year we plan a trip to Lincoln, NE to take in the Quilt Study Center on the campus of the University of Nebraska and the shows that they have hung. We also try to get to the Nebraska Historical Museam too if there are quilts being shown. This is an overnight trip with the guild taking in several quilts shops along the way, in Lincoln, and on the way home. This trip is usually planned toward the end of April. The Lincoln Challenge has arisen out of this activity.

Lincoln Challenge (Optional)

This challenge is limited to the members of the guild who go on the Lincoln trip. It can be whatever these members decide to do on the spur of the moment, or it can be planned. These challenges do have to be complete for the following year quilt show, although that too is a discussion point.


On guild outings, the passengers of the vehicle split the cost of the gas - the driver does not pay for the gas used on the trip. The driver is responsible to have her tank full before the trip starts and to fill up either just before she drops off her passengers or immediately after. Personal outings, where several members may go out for a day or so, may follow the above guideline or negotiate amongst themselves how to share the expense. Each party is responsible for their meals, lodging, and other personal expenses that occur.

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