Remembering Our Roots
This year's quilt show was a great success! Click here to see all the beautiful quilts that were on display. To see the quilts in the Bed Turning program and read the stories about each quilt, click here and go to "2015 Quilt Show Bed Turning".

The rummage sale earned enough money to send money for 1 motorized sewing machine, 4 treadle machines, and 4 training courses to Gospel for Asia. This charity purchases sewing machines for third world countries to allow their residents to earn a living by sewing.

This Year's Winners:
Member's Choice Award
Linda Fiekema

Challenge Quilt Award
Natelie Brummel

Large Quilt Award

Mary Ellen Winters

Medium Quilt Award

Linda Fiekema

Small Quilt Award

Linda Fiekema

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